L-Shaped Corner Sectional Leather Sofa

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Color: Beige
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1Set= 4 Packages

① 69.09 * 28.94 * 15.75 inches 90.39 lbs

② 27.17 * 27.17 * 15.35 inches 30.2 lbs

③ 69.09 * 28.94 * 15.75 inches 85.32 lbs

④ 30.71 * 23.23 * 17.72 inches 48.5 lbs


1.This L-shaped sofa is made of a new type of technical leather, which was first introduced in the European and American markets. It looks and feels very like real leather, with the appearance,texture and color of real leather, but the moisture permeability and heat permeability of technical cloth far exceed that of real leather. It also has the breathability of cloth art, so It is known as the "fabric that can breathe".


2.Features of technical leather: There are new anti-fouling, environmental protection, and zero-formaldehyde technical leather outside. It is resistant to scratches, alkali, flame retardant, breathable, antibacterial and mildew resistant and many other special functions.The furniture made of technical cloth has no smell, and the furniture will not be deformed in extreme cold or extreme heat.


3.Structures of the sofa: There are two lines on the armrest design and symmetrical structure, presenting a visual beauty. Solid wood frame, high resilience sponge, strong backrest and cushion support, and golden metal legs. Wood frame construction for stability and longer use. Golden metal legs make the whole sofa presents luxurious and high-grade feeling.


4.Humanized design :The backrest perfectly fits the human back, fully demonstrating the "people-oriented" design principle. The L-shaped sofa has a corner position that allows you to sit or lie down without affecting the other seats of the sofa, providing a comfortable, relaxed and elegant sitting experience. After lying down on the L-shaped sofa, other seats can still maintain normal use.


5.Easy to clean and install: The sofa using the fabric is more simple and casual in daily care, just need dry duster.The easy-care feature will undoubtedly bring a more relaxed home environment to the user. All installation tools will be shipped with the sofa, just 20 minutes to assemble it by one person.

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