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Why Your Mattress Matters, and How Mattress Clearance USA Saves You Money


How Long Should You Keep Your Mattress

Mattresses have changed, manufacturing has made Mattresses a modern marvel. At Mattress Clearance USA, we have a wide variety of Mattresses available that offer longer lifespans than traditional innerspring beds, whether they are made of memory foam, latex or otherwise. This new generation of Mattresses means you can enjoy a great night’s sleep for longer – but what about your old bed?


A traditional innerspring Mattress lasts no longer than 10 years, according to Mary

Louise McLaws, a Professor of Epidemiology for Health Care Infection & Infectious Diseases Control. Why? Well, the huge amount of dead skin cells and other material that collect inside the Mattress ultimately makes the Mattress attractive to dust mites. To top it off, springs eventually begin to wear down and provide less resistance and bounce. 


Did You Know You Could Be Allergic to Your Mattress?  

The dead skin cells that collect in your Mattress make the perfect bait for dust mites, and as many as 20 million people in America are allergic to these tiny creatures. The older your Mattress, the more likely it is that you will experience allergic reactions during your sleep. If you suffer from asthma, this can be extremely problematic too. 


You can reduce the amount of dust mites in your bed by washing your sheets regularly in hot water, but to be safe, you should consider updating your Mattress. At Mattress Clearance USA, we have an ongoing Mattress Sale with memory foam and latex beds that are perfect for reducing these allergy problems.


A natural latex Mattress is hypoallergenic and naturally antimicrobial, and a cooling gel Mattress increases air flow as you sleep, creating a cooler environment where dust mites don’t like to live. 


How Do I Know When It’s Time for a Replacement?

When you should replace your Mattress is subjective, but there are a couple of things to consider. 


  1. Are You Tossing and Turning?


If you find yourself tossing and turning at night, it could be that your Mattress springs are showing their age. It could also mean that the padding had begun to sag and no longer offers your body the support it needs.


  1. How Often Do You Sleep in Your Bed?


If you have owned your Mattress for 10 years, but only sleep on it a handful of days during the week, then it may still be functional. However, if you sleep on it every night, it could be time for a change. 




Get the Lowest Prices in Pensacola with Mattress Clearance USA

So it’s time for a new Mattress. Where do you go? Residents of Pensacola and surrounding areas can enjoy the most affordable prices around, along with no credit check financing and even military discounts at Mattress Clearance USA. Our Mattress store has a large showroom with a friendly team of experts who are always more than happy to help.


Whether you’re browsing online, or visiting in store, you can count on Mattress Clearance USA for the best deals. Come on over and see what’s in store!

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