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Know when to replace your mattress

Many people make the same mistake of waiting until it is too late to replace their tired, worn out mattress. Usually, replacing a mattress only follows a major life decision, such as moving out of an apartment, dorm, or home, moving long distances or across states, or going from a scenario where they need much more space or much less space in their sleeping arrangement. This leaves individuals playing catch up when it comes to their mattress. This leads to sleepless nights or less than desirable sleeping conditions. This should not be the case. Mattress lifetime is a very important concept and knowing how long one should last you can be very integral in ensuring that you receive the best possible quality sleep, for as long as you can.

Any manufacturer or mattress specialist will tell you that a standard, run of the mill mattress will last you anywhere from five to ten years. Many people make the mistake of trying to squeeze out as much time as possible before thinking about purchasing a new mattress. This is a mistake, for many reasons. You sleep on your mattress just about every night, how are you supposed to know if it has gone bad before its too late? Some people may become desensitized to the degradation that their mattress has undergone. If you are anything less than satisfied with your current sleeping status, you may want to reconsider. Many people cannot fathom how old their mattress is unless they have recently tried a new one. Some maintenance and TLC can help to offset the time it takes you to replace your mattress, however, don’t think that your mattress will last you forever. Washing sheets on a regular basis and using a mattress protector are steps in the right direction when it comes to preserving your mattress, but many sleepers simply forget to keep up with it. Even if you think you don’t need a new mattress any time soon, it is certainly worth your while to take some time out of your day to consider the possibility. You may notice a large difference when you lay down on a brand-new mattress in the store and discover what a mattress should feel like. Don’t play catch up to your mattress, make sure that your bed is serving you and that you aren’t missing out on the additional comfort and sleep security that you deserve.

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