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Replace Your Old Mattress


Mattress Clearance USA Makes Mattress Replacement More Affordable

Mattress Clearance USA is one of the premier Mattress clearance sellers in Florida, and we’re bringing the people some of the lowest prices around. We sell luxurious Mattresses and furniture, we promise to beat any other price by 10%, and provide a world-class customer experience.


We’ll Beat Any Price

Here at Mattress Clearance USA, our price guarantees and reasonable financing options are what set us apart. We are delighted to offer all our customers excellent finance deals for people with good and bad credit alike. We believe that a new Mattress should be available for everybody


We sell only the highest quality products, with no factory seconds, irregulars, or refurbished Mattresses. Our new Mattresses come in all shapes and sizes, and our friendly team is always happy to help you choose the right one for you.


Why Should You Replace Your Old Mattress?

According to surveys from the Better Sleep Council, Americans often delay replacing old Mattresses, going well beyond the recommended lifespan of eight years. You might not realize it, but a Mattress over eight years old can seriously lack support, causing damage to your back. 


A Gallup poll has also suggested that a massive 40% of Americans don’t get enough sleep, and the Mattresses we use could have something to do with it. Older Mattresses are less likely to give you a great night’s sleep, and more likely to cause allergy problems thanks to the dead skin cells and millions of dust mites found inside the average eight-year-old bed. Older Mattress are also likely to cause neck and bad pain.


At Mattress Clearance USA, we stock Mattresses at discount prices, ensuring that you can sleep well once again, put those allergy problems to rest, and get the support your back needs every night. 


Based in Central Pensacola, Serving  Nationwide

Our Mattress store is located in central Pensacola, we are now offering Free Nationwide Shipping. Customers come from all around to get expert advice from our friendly team, and to see the huge range of Mattresses we offer at discount prices. 


An Easy Mattress Experience 

Feel free to ask our team about our range of pillow tops, plush tops, memory foam Mattresses toppers and more. 


We guarantee that we can beat any price from any other local store, and when you’ve chosen your brand new Mattress