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Queen Mattresses

You may be wondering; how do queen size beds compare to their full-size counterpart? They are very similar in appearance but differ in a number of important ways. There are several considerations purchasers must make when deciding between these two mattresses. The first is obvious and that is in general size. The queen sized mattress is sixty inches wide and eighty inches long, while the full bed is only fifty four inches wide and seventy four inches long.

This may seem like just a matter of inches but it makes a huge difference in terms of purchasing decision. A full bed is more ideal for an individual who sleeps alone. It can comfortably house one sleeper. However, the queen size mattress is more ideal for someone who prefers (or doesn’t!) to share. The queen mattress will comfortably sleep two without feeling cramped. The queen bed is also ideal for taller people as it has an extra five inches of leg room compared to the full mattress

Full beds do not occupy as much space and aren’t as large so finding a way to fit them into a smaller room is not as much of a hassle. However, in some circles, full beds are considered to be children’s beds. Most of the accouterments for full beds are available for kids so this may provide a challenge in finding a type of bedding that is appropriate and isn’t childish. 

Some may consider the queen size bed to be too roomy for just one sleeper, but space isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Many sleepers find themselves tossing and turning at night and need the utility of a queen size mattress to freely move around without fear of waking up in the night or falling off.

Statistical analysis of mattress purchases in the U.S. show that queen mattresses account for over thirty two percent of all purchases, and for good reason! Queen beds are vastly popular, and this can be attributed to the advantages that it has over full- or twin-size beds. Queen mattresses are sure to improve comfort and quality for anybody experiencing dissatisfaction with their current mattress.

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