Neck Pain how to get better sleep find the right pillow to fix your neck pain


It happens to the best of us. What is that you ask? Waking up with a stiff neck! In addition, one thing we can all agree on, it absolutely stinks, what a literal, pain in the neck! Did you know that approximately 25% of people complain about having a neck pain issues? While these facts may seem hard to believe, they are real statistics report by Dr Dough DeHoll.

The most common causes include; muscle strains, worn joints, nerve compression, injuries, and arthritis. When it comes to neck pain, it is critical to get treatment early and often. Some treatments that are highly effective use heat and ice. While this treatment might seem simple, they are proven effective. Alternating heat and ice is what Dr Doug DeHoll recommends. Message therapy also helps loosen up the muscles to alleviate neck pain. When pain last more a few days or starts to shoot down your neck and arms, it is time to see a physician.

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