Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory Foam Mattresses

There has never been a better time to shop for mattresses. Industry technology is constantly changing and evolving, and mattress stores are competing to keep up. Mattress Clearance USA offers a competitive edge to the competition with their line of memory foam mattresses. They offer a number of different foams used for sleeping products, the most important is memory foam.

If you are considering purchasing memory foam for your own sleep experience, there are several things one must consider. What to look for, what density or quality is right for you, but most importantly, one must know what memory foam is.

Most of us associate memory foam with mattresses or other sleep experiences, but did you know that its original usage was by NASA in the 1970’s? Despite this, memory foam was never actually implemented in the space program. It was developed to increase passengers’ chances of sustaining high impact crashes and increase safety measures. Memory foam is made of a polyurethane blend in addition to other chemicals to increase the materials density and elasticity. It did not take much time for manufacturers to realize its potential as a comfort intensifying material. Commonly referred to as “viscoelastic”, memory foam is now commonly seen in the mattress and furniture industry. Memory foam has undergone several technological developments to increase its effect and increase quality over time.

The two main types of memory foam are traditional and gel memory foam. These two differ in several key areas. Traditional memory foam absorbs heat, so it is not desirable for sleepers who tend to become warmer in the night. Gel memory foam features cooling technology that keeps the surface cool to the touch throughout the night. Gel memory foam also facilitates in the reduction of pressure at key points including neck and spine areas. Gel memory foam is far better at disseminating heat than traditional at a cost.

Consumers should conduct necessary research to ensure that their purchase meets their needs the most effectively. Mattress specialists at Mattress Clearance USA are well versed and trained in the knowledge of memory foam technology and much more to guarantee a happy purchase and a happy customer. See for yourself the differences in these materials by stopping in today and sampling different types of memory foam at our convenient location.
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