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Purchasing and maintaining a mattress that suites your personal taste is amongst the most important of self-care regiments. By accurately choosing a mattress that adequately supports and comforts you, you can guarantee better personal health including, more rest, better brain function and mental health, and less physical ailments. Sleep is the time our body needs to regenerate and recuperate from a long day of being on the go. Sleeping on a mattress that is anything less than comfortable should simply be unacceptable, however many people underestimate how truly vital good sleep is. Many people just make do with their current mattress or sleep on one that is entirely incorrect for their body type or preferences. This can lead to many complications such as trouble sleeping, inadequate rest, and chronic fatigue syndrome. This is why it is important to consider these things when shopping or considering mattresses.

Mattresses typically are scaled one to ten, one being a cloud, the softest and ten being like concrete, the most firm. Mattresses traditionally range from soft, medium, or firm. Any combination of these can lead to a semi firm or semi soft mattress, depending on personal preference. Typically soft mattresses will fall between three and five. Medium comfort level mattresses generally rank in at 5 with a standard deviation of 2, while firm mattresses rank from seven and a half to ten. Comfort is key, so it is important to fully understand and familiarize oneself with the ranking of mattress comfort. By familiarizing yourself with mattress comfort ratings, you can more accurately decide which bed is more suitable for you, and which bed will lead you to enjoying a greater nights sleep.

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