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How much sleep is enough?

Why is sleep so important? The amount of sleep you get directly effects and influences your personal physical and mental health. Better sleep has been linked to an increase in productivity, cardiovascular health, and creativity. More sleep equals better reflexes and higher brain stabilization, it’s simple! Even more important than how much sleep you are getting is the quality of your sleep. Some people may sleep for eight or nine hours a day, but still leave their mattress feeling restless or tired. In today’s fast pace world, many individuals find themselves struggling to stay ahead in their job, family, or school. This comes at a detriment to your sleep schedule and can inhibit your body from performing the routine maintenance it needs to keep you in tip top shape. You wouldn’t drive a car without oil in it, so why drive your body without sleep in it?

According to the National Institutes of Health, the average adult sleeps seven hours or less per day. This may sound pretty good to some people, but this is not enough charge for your battery. Being able to leave the mattress after seven hours of sleep or less and drink a cup of coffee and struggle your way through the day does not sound like a quality night’s sleep. Sleep needs vary from amongst individuals, but many of us cannot afford to sustain this type of behavior. Most health adults need anywhere from seven to nine hours of sleep to be at their best, mentally and physically. The younger you are, the most sleep you need. If you are getting enough sleep, you will feel energized and ready throughout the day, not just after your first cup of coffee or your second wind.

Many of us exhibit signs of sleep depravity without even knowing or paying much attention to it. If you are getting less than eight hours of sleep per night, chances are you fit into one of these categories. You may not be getting enough sleep if you are overly dependent on your alarm (or several alarms) to get you off the mattress in time. If you feel groggy in the afternoons or find yourself dozing off in warm or quiet rooms, you may need to consider reevaluating your sleeping habits. Many people find themselves gravitating towards their mattress on the weekends to “catch up on their sleep.” This is a myth, you should be getting the sleep you need daily, not just on the weekends. Your mattress should be a safe haven from the worries of tomorrow, not a think tank for you to toss and turn in all night. 

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