Headaches Can Be Caused by your Mattress

Headaches of a bad Mattress

Why do you keep waking up with a headache? Maybe you have too much going on at your job or are too busy around the house. Perhaps you feel as if you can’t get a moments rest to yourself or that you just have too much on your plate. This problem afflicts more individuals than you would think. In fact, it is estimated that nearly one out of every 4 members of a U.S. household suffer frequently from migraines or headaches. It is also estimated that anywhere from up to 80 percent of adults within the United States suffer from tension headaches. There are a variety of reasons and stimuli that could cause or aggravate a condition such as these, but you would be surprised what they seem to have in common.

Migraines have the tendency to shoot a searing sense of pain through your head, and almost your entire body. They are a nuisance and yet many people just end up coping with them until they are finally able to crash on their mattress. You may be surprised to learn that one of the most common causes of migraines is a lack of sleep. It is a restless cycle that perpetrates itself: you don’t get enough sleep, you get migraines, migraines keep you from sleep, and repeat. It may sound like simple advice, but the best answer is to get more sleep. If you cannot find a moment’s comfort on your mattress, it may be part of the problem. Mattresses play a huge role in personal sleep help and should be tailored to your specific needs.

Another source of contention for troubled sleepers is the dreaded tension headache. Tension headaches are a sore, almost bruised feeling that arise from the back of the head or neck. It can leave you wishing you had never left your mattress in the morning, but that may just be the source of the problem. Tension headaches are a very painful way for your body to tell you that it isn’t getting the support it needs! These ailments can mean that it is time to consider changing your mattress or the way you sleep on your mattress. The most effective way to get rid of these headaches is with proper rest, but if you’re not getting that from your mattress, how are you supposed to combat this feeling?

Some helpful tips to eliminate morning headaches can include a healthy or improved sleep schedule, lessening bright light in the room, exercise and improved diet. However, none of these can be as helpful as they could and should without the foundation of a quality mattress to build upon.

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