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Sleeping positions

No two people sleep alike. Each person’s sleeping positions are like a finger print, personally unique. What works for one person may not work for the next, and so on. Some people prefer to sleep in the dead center of the mattress, and some would just as soon sleep on the rock hard floor than their own mattress! Just like every person sleeps differently, each sleeping position has different benefits and drawbacks associated with it.

The most commonly seen sleeping position is most obviously on ones back. However, this does not mean that back sleepers are infallible. In fact, unless you are doing it just right, back sleep can cause unnecessary pressure on your lower back. If you find yourself often sleeping with your back on the mattress, consider using a small pillow to keep your pelvis and spine aligned. Also consider placing a pillow below your calves to help elevate your body and position your spine in a more natural way.

Another common sleep style, especially for those who’s mattress is designed to help with lower back pain, is sleeping on ones side. Many sleepers can personally attest to the benefits of side sleeping as a way to relieve back pain. However, it does not come without its own set of consequences. Prolonged habitual side sleeping can lead to shoulder damage or the development of other shoulder related pains. In fact, shoulder sleeping actually contorts your spine instead of supporting it. If you feel the need to sleep on your side, place a pillow in between your legs to better support your spine. Sleeping on your side can also begin to detriment your mattress and lessen its quality over time. The sharp divot your mattress undergoes when you dig your shoulder into it could contribute to having to replace your mattress in the future, sooner than you expected. 

Finally, there are the stomach sleepers. This is potentially one of the worst ways you could sleep as it places a large strain on your neck and back joints. Sleeping on your stomach can be a strain on your spine and is not beneficial in the long term. It can contribute to numbness and feelings of stiffness and can also cause you to wake from your mattress feeling anxious. Stomach sleepers should switch out a larger pillow at the head for a smaller one, and place a pillow under their pelvis to provide support during the night.

These sleep positions are the most common when it comes to finding your own way of falling asleep. Different scenarios call for different sleeping tactics and techniques. However, if you are feeling restless on your current mattress, or try to change your sleeping position because you are uncomfortable, it may be time to consider upgrading your old mattress to a more supportive, comfier mattress.

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