Choosing the right mattress when you by online @ mattress clearance usa

Choosing the Right Mattress When You Buy Online!


Mattress Clearance USA Makes Choosing Your New Bed Easier

At Mattress Clearance USA, we offer a huge selection of Mattresses at the most affordable prices around. Not only do we vow to beat any other price by 10%, we’re also committed to ensuring that you choose a Mattress that suits your needs. 


Along with our price guarantee, we offer no credit check financing, so you’ll never have to worry about how to pay for it. 


Looking for a Classic Mattress with a Bounce?

Love a classic Mattress, with lots of support and plenty of bounce? Our Mattress store offers a huge range of innerspring Mattresses, designed with metal coils that offer the resistance you need and expect.


With the massive collection of make and models in our store, you can easily choose how much bounce you’d like. Our Mattresses with innersprings are gauged according to the thickness of the springs used. A 12-gauge Mattress will offer the most resistance, making it plenty Firm and perfect for people who struggle with back pain. 


For those who want to sink a little more, Mattresses with between a 16 and 18-gauge thickness will be ideal. If it’s all too complicated for you, we also have a friendly team that’s always around to help!


Looking for Something Much Firmer?

If you’re in the market for something a lot Firmer, then memory foam could be best for you. Made popular over the last few years, memory foam Mattresses sink according to your body shape, and then return to their original shape afterwards. Our online Mattress store offers a number of memory foam Mattresses with varying foam density, allowing you to choose exactly how much you want the foam to ‘hug’ your body. 


Buying a Mattress online is made easy with our helpful online guides and huge range we offer, if you need any more assistance or advice about choosing your memory foam Mattress, don’t hesitate to visit us. We are a store conveniently located in Pensacola Florida, our team of friendly and informed staff who are always happy to help.


Get the Best of Both Worlds

What if you’re looking for a Firm Mattress that still has some bounce to it? Our large range of latex Mattresses offer this perfect balance of memory foam’s ability to ‘hug’ your body, and the Firm bounce that traditional springs can offer. Our range of natural and synthetic latex Mattresses can last up to 20 years or more (unlike traditional Mattresses which should be replaced more often)


Natural latex Mattresses are even antimicrobial and resistant to dust mites and mold, making them ideal for people looking to get a relaxing night sleep, and save money.



With a latex Mattress from Mattress Clearance USA, you can say goodbye to the days of regular Mattress deep cleaning, and replacing your bed every few years!


Our huge range of Mattresses can be bought online, or seen in store. At Mattress Clearance USA, our aim is to ensure that you get the Mattress that suits your exact needs. So whether you’re looking to buy online today, or you need our expert advice, visit our central Pensacola store or get in touch!