Caffeine and sleep - help with getting better sleep.

Caffeine & Sleep

Many Americans are hooked on the same thing, caffeine. For some, it is borderline impossible to function without it. Caffeine is what keeps us from flopping back on the mattress in the morning. For many, it is the part of their morning that energizes them and keeps them going throughout the day. No doubt there are individuals who would operate at a detriment to themselves as well as others without it. Several of these same people who enjoy the benefits of caffeine so much fail to see the downside of it. Caffeine is always in opposition and constantly locked in battle with one thing, and that is a good night sleep. Caffeine can have an incredible impact on an individual’s circadian rhythm and can keep you bouncing off the mattress through out the night if not maintained properly. What is important is finding a proper balance between the two and understanding how their relationships affect each other, and you.

If you are a frequent user of caffeine in any form, whether its coffee or energy drinks, your body may be trying to tell you some very important things. It is easy to ignore these signs, and your mattress, by downing a cup of coffee or cracking a energy drink. In a study conducted by the University of Amsterdam’s Department of Psychonomics, researchers found that “caffeine is beneficial in restoring low levels of wakefulness” and also can “produce detrimental effects on subsequent sleep, resulting in daytime sleepiness.” This can lead to unforeseen consequences, such as falling asleep on the job, or not being able to fall asleep on one’s mattress at home. The most important part of one’s routine should be the time they spend on the mattress: sleeping. Without it, you can begin to feel groggy, be less mental apt, and suffer other consequences.

What is the solution? A healthy compromise. If you are spending too much time lying on your mattress at night, not sleeping, you may need to consider reevaluating your caffeine intake. Not consuming caffeine later in the afternoon can help to wind your body down and prepare it for the restful nights sleep it so desperately craves. By preparing yourself mentally, physically, and chemically, you can begin to ensure that your time on the mattress will be well spend: sleeping instead of thinking. If you have trouble with too much energy, maybe a light work out can facilitate feelings of tiredness and sleepiness. There are a number of ways to prepare yourself to make sure that when you hit the mattress, you are out within minutes, not hours. 

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